Small issue in O!MPD with missing slash


Currently installed O!MPD on 2 RPI4’s running Dietpi. Both are great pieces of software! Its great to see that Dietpi is offering O!MPD for the Raspberry with a single click.

I noticed a small issue on both installations in the config file of O!mpd: /var/www/ompd/include/
O!MPD lets you browse the mounted media dir specified in the config file

# Media dir
$cfg['media_dir']                   = '/mnt/dietpi_userdata/Music';

Opening the ‘Files’ tab in O!MPD results in an error: DIR: /mnt/dietpi_userdata/Musi/ Unable to open
Looking at the source code of O!mpd it also has a trailing slash:
Adding a trailing slash solves this issue.

# Media dir
$cfg['media_dir']                   = '/mnt/dietpi_userdata/Music/';

Greetings, Martin

thx for sharing, let me run some test to see how it is going :sunglasses:

I created a PR to have it fixed

Many thanks for reporting that issue. The fix has just been merged for DietPi v7.1.