Slow upload on Next Cloud

Hello everyone,
after a lot of failures on raspberry pi, i’ve installed DietPi directly on an old PC, and is working definetely better.
I’ve also installed Next Cloud instead of OwnCloud and everything seems be better.
The only question is, there is a way to increase the upload speed? I’ve 1000MB via optic fiber band and i’m uploading at 1.2/1.3 Mb. :cry:
I’ve read around here on the forum but being a noob is definitely not helpful

I’m already uploading a lot of files ( see pictures below, but this is the situation and the speed is stuch at 1.2Mb).
I’ve also noticed that sometimes, the speed increases to 40Mb maximum that i’ve seen and again start dropping back to 1.2 slowly… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not 100% but it might be related then way how the web server handles the upload. Best to my knowledge files are uploaded in smaller chunks, stored on a temp place and put together at the end on final place. Maybe some web server tuning could help? But I’m really not sure. Probably a question to raise on a NextCloud specialized board

Could this help?