Slightly brighter text (for use with JuiceSSH)

Hey DietPizers,

Truly appreciate all the great work here… SBCs have been long awaiting such justice… Using it for Raspberry Pis (gen 1, 2 & 4), odroid-u3 and VMs. Brilliant OS base layer :slight_smile:

Small request here: Having used Android app JuiceSSH a lot, I notice ( and am annoyed :thinking: )that some of the darker text is not clearly visible as can been seen in the screenshot attached.

Would be great if the colour of the darker text is set to a slightly lighter colour. When doing important tasks, I have to brighten up the screen fully to read visibly.

Thanks again… Alternatively if you have a custom solution please do let me know. I like the idea of keeping defaults better. Hence why the request.

Mucho love & respect,

did you tried changing the theme? can be done within JuiceSSH settings. For me it looks like this

Yes you can change the theme, font and font size just in the settings.
This is how “Tiger Orange” looks like: