Show the command's Dietpi uses

First off, many mnay thanks to everyone involved with DietPi. It’s just so damned awesome. It’s by far the best version of Debian I’ve ever used.

I’m a complete linux noob, but I’ve managed to setup a webserver, cloud server (nextcloud) and Plex media server on all my Raspberry Pi’s since the Pi 2. It was always a struggle, but I did it.

Now it’s so easy, just highlight the software you need and it’s done.

The only problem is… all the commands are hidden away.

Without too much effort, could the commands and scripts echo what’s actually being run? I know on the face of it, it’s probably a simple request, but deep down, you’ve all gone to a lot of trouble to hide stuff away, and it is probably a ball ache to unhide it all.

I ask because there’s a lot of stuff going on, and even though I’m a complete linux noob, it’d be nice and educational to know whats happening and how the commands are being used.

Again, many many thanks to all involved. How many are you by the way?

Many thanks for your kind feedback and suggestion.

Indeed we do not actively hide the commands in the scripts, but that is the default, so we do not actively print every command that runs. Indeed we could be more verbose.

If you are interested in details, you could open /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-software and search for software_id=XYZ. XYZ is the software ID, that can be found via dietpi-software list for all available titles.

Especially there are two blocks, which contain Banner_Install and Banner_Config which contain the install and config steps for the related software title.

Ah, brilliant, thank you MichaIng :slight_smile:

yes, actually… but ummm. im kind of still newbie in using uTorrent in right way.
I even dont really know if im doing things right using it… and khem, well if you dont want to. then you dont have to.
simple as that. peace