Should I Update software?

When dietpi has an update will it update all software
(eg Plex, sonarr) orr just the dietpi related files?

Application software updates (e.g. plex) can be independent of the DietPi update.

I would update to the latest version unless you have strong reason not to.


they can be independent, but if i don’t update them separately and then wait for the next dietpi update, will that include the applications update as well?

I went to the dealer for the safety recall and the technician also do a software update to the latest version. Anyone know what is new with this update?

Which update in particular you mean?

Generally there are three kind of updates, that you could separate on DietPi systems:

  • Easiest APT repository updates, that will just bring the installed software packages on current stage. This is something you can and should regularly do. Also the risk of failure (which is of course always there) and bugfix is way easier, if just two packages got upgraded, instead of 50 at once:
apt update
apt upgrade
apt full-upgrade
  • Btw: full-upgrade (AKA apt-get dist-upgrade) include upgrades that require dependency changes, thus installs e.g. new needed dependency packages or uninstalls auto installed conflicting packages etc.
    On stable Debian/Raspbian repo (currently Stretch), there will me nearly no major APT package updates. Major software versions are mostly frozen on stable branch. So just minor or important security/stability updates will arrive, which have nearly no risk to fail.
  • 3rd party software internal updaters: Some pieces of software (e.g. Nextcloud/ownCloud, phpBB, wordpress) have their own internal updater. Besides the one of Pi-hole, you should be able to use them without issues. It’s the same here, the more regular you do that, the less heavy the issues you might face. If you skip several (major)versions via update, the risk of failure of course always rises.
  • DietPi-Update: This brings the DietPi scripts on current versions, the ones places within /DietPi, as well as some configuration files and services we use/need. It will casually reinstall (and by this update) some software titles, where we made heavy changes to your implementation/installation script and it does an APT upgrade as well (just apt upgrade, not full-upgrade).

I hope this helps to a bid for clarification.

Is there anyway for DietPi to alert a user that there is an update for a particular installed subsystem? 2 use cases spring to mind; Node-Red and PHP. Only thinking of this message being generated on a dietpi-update.

Also, is there anything that will tell me what version of a subsystem DietPi will install and from where e.g. apt (which rep) or PECL etc?