Setting up 2 DietPi server systems on same local network

Hi there again guys,

I´m currently on one DietPi server running just Pihole + PiVPN (in order to block ads remotely when connected to my VPN and safely access my local server) + Letsencrypt (in order to acccess Pihole HTTPS admin remotely). This is running on Orange Pi Zero.

Since I will be having a spare Raspberry Pi 3 which has more RAM and CPU, I´m planning to use that one to install:

  • Pihole (for a secondary DNS blocking)
  • PiVPN (in order to block ads remotely when connected to my VPN and safely access my local server)
  • Letsencrypt (to access Pihole and every other system web admin HTTPS remotely)
  • Qbittorrent
  • Syncthing
  • Samba (for NAS server)

I was having some doubts regarding DNS and related stuff though. Since all these will be installed on my local network, would there be any issue at all? I have for my domain, and I was thinking, when I try to access for example my pihole admin at, will it redirect to my IP1/admin (my orange pi zero setup) or to my IP2/admin (the raspberry pi 3)?

Maybe there are more issues to take into account, but that one is certainly worrying me before hand.

Thanks as usual!


many thanks for your question. I don’t think you need to double the software components in your network. It’s totally fine to have Pihole + VPN + SSL running on your Orange Pi Zero. No need to install it as well on the RPi3. Even SSL would not be needed on your Orange Pi :wink:

You could do it as follow

Orange Pi

  • VPN
  • PiHole

Raspberry Pi

  • Qbittorrent
  • Syncthing
  • Samba

To access you local network, you can use the VPN. This should enable you to access any web site or service. At least that’s how it is working for me. Benefit is the reduction of open ports towards the internet as you need to open VPN port only.

All systems in your network can use PiHole installed on Orange Pi. It’s enough to have a single DNS server in your entire network.

I will follow your advice then, thanks :wink:

I am running pihole on 2 dietpis in my lan. Doesn’t hurt to do so.

ok you could use it as secondary if primary is failing but that’s not something I personally expect :sunglasses:

Right, I was thinking the secondary DNS server more for occasions on when you are installing/uninstalling/updating something, and pihole and other services are momentarily stopped.

usually PiHole is not stopped during installation of software packages using DietPi. It might stop for a short period of time if you update PiHole themselves.

Under normal circumstances it should not be necessary, however if you have spare boards and install a second instance of Pihole, you have the failover if you want to experiment a bit and not worry about the complains from other users :slight_smile:

indeed, but my devices are in constant use for support cases :wink: