Services Failing after Swapping Backup Drives

You can add the setting manually add well but read the notes at the beginning of the file: /boot/dietpi.txt is moved to tmpfs at /DietPi/dietpi.txt and back on shutdown. Hence /boot/dietpi.txt is overwritten and /DietPi/dietpi.txt must be edited instead.

However we’ll change this behaviour with next version. Too much confusion and changes are lost in case of power loss.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying.

Update on my progress:
After successfully setting the USB boot option in the OTP memory, I once again flashed my full SD card backup (which contained rootfs/userdata/boot) onto my USB SSD. After removing the SD card and plugging in only the USB SSD, this time it successfully booted! Very exciting to see.

However since the SSD was now seen to have a capacity of ~30GB (same as the SD did) I decided to use the Drive-Manager tool to expand the root partition. It claimed to have succeeded and prompted me to reboot, which I did. The system didn’t come back online afterward. I’m not home at the moment so can’t unplug/replug to see if it comes back up. Just wanted to note/share that experience here. I’ll post again if things are resolved after a hard restart.

Hard rebooted (unplugged and replugged power) and my Pi will not boot up after the rootfs partion expasion via Drive-Manager.

I restored the USB SSD using the image for the SD card and it booted up just fine again. Any input on ways to expand the file system without it failing to boot after, or thoughts on why it’s failing would be much appreciated. I’ll see if I can find info on the interwebz too, or explore the Drive-Manager expansion script to get a better idea of what it’s doing.

maybe you could have a look to this tool