SD card not being resized and first run startup failed

I’ve recently got a new pack of 32gb sd cards, and put the diet pi image on one of them, and when i try to setup dietpi, the resizing fails and when i try to finish the install process, for example, when i get to the dietpi-software screen and choose the software i want, and click install, i get the first run setup failed error, and ive tried hard drives and many different storage solutions, and i couldnt get dietpi to work for a couple days.(im using a pi 4)


pls can you share following 3 files


they are located at /var/tmp/dietpi/logs

im not seeing any of those files. sorry about the delayed response

anything else inside that folder

ls -la /var/tmp/dietpi/logs

i get this

there are the 3 files I ask you to share


how do i export them?

copy the files to /boot directory. Remove the SD card and plug it into a (Win) computer. There you can access the files on the boot partition

heres 1
dietpi-firstboot.log (5.47 KB)

i cant upload the firstrun setup log because the the file is big error

You can try to upload as zip archive

wait, this is so weird. when i put the sd card back in the raspberry pi, it works all of a sudden. the partition adjusted, no setup error

Maybe there was an issue reading the SD card correctly in first place which changed due to removal/put back in place

i think so, not sure what the main problem that caused that

Well maybe an issue on the physical contact between SBC and SD card. Who knows. Good it is working now.