Samba not working


First of all there is mistake in documentation i think
address should be with \ not \\ ?

Ok so mistake is definetlly on dietpi side, because Freenas samba works fine on all of my pcs, but cant acces when i try dietpi samba.
Does not work in windows and debian.
My network ip is and i cant reach it neighter like this \\dietpi or this \
Reinstall does not help.

Since its a fresh install all the configs are defaults.

I have been thinking since i am using odroid HC1 with a sata disk and i moved rootFS and my user files on said sata disk could this in anyway be a problem for samba?


many thanks for your message. Basically there is nothing special on SAMBA on DietPi. It’s the standard Debian Samba package installed via apt. I did a test installation on my RPi4B without issues and I could access the share as user dietpi.

Did you changed anything on the samba configuration file? Or is it still default config? Is samba service running?