Running ONLYOFFICE Document Server on RPi3

I am setting up a personal NextCloud Server and saw the OnlyOffice app option. Not having used this, I went to investigate what needs to be done and found that a Document Server must be setup to be used with this app in NextCloud.


System requirements

  • CPU: dual core 2 GHz or better
  • RAM: 2 GB or more
  • HDD: at least 40 GB of free space
  • Additional Requirements: at least 2 GB of swap
  • OS: 64-bit Debian, Ubuntu or other compatible distribution with kernel version 3.13 or later
  • Additional Requirements:
    • PostgreSQL: version 9.1 or later
    • NGINX: version 1.3.13 or later
    • Node.js: version 8.12.0 or later
    • libstdc++6: version 4.8.4 or later
    • Redis
    • RabbitMQ

Looks like I would be shy on RAM by half :confused: I am going to guess that this will not run well on RPi3.

I checked dietpi-software to see if this was an option, and it is not. I will continue doing research before setting it up, and I wanted to see if anyone had setup a ONLYOFFICE Document Server, any know issues?

DietPi v6.16 | RPi 3 Model B (armv7l)

Hello twisty,

I’m also very interested in this setup. Did you do any further investigation? :thinking:

I just found:

Yeah based on the requirements and suggestions it will not work fine on RPi3 most likely especially when using it concurrently. But I mean no harm in simply trying it out :wink:.

Hi there,

Any updates? I’m also interested in such an option. I’ve seen a similar question on StackExchange, and they say it’s just futile lighttpd - How to install onlyoffice document server on raspberry pi? - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Simply try out the official install steps:
Then install the App from Nextcloud UI.

If this works well we can think about integrating it into DietPi-Software, if indeed the system requirements are too high for RPi3, we can still add it by times but only enabled for x86 and high class SBCs (RK3399, Odroid XU4 and such), would with lowered priority due to less users benefit from it.