Running headless


I am running dietpi headless and using the hdmi screen to display some stats over the terminal.
My problem is that after about 10 minutes the screen goes blank and I haven’t been able to find a way to prevent that.


many thanks for your message. Just for clarification: Headless means you are running without screen attached :wink:

Back to your topic. Probably you are hit by a screen saver. Ho do you display the stats via HDMI? Do you have some xsession running? Or a web browser? Or via plain CLI?

You’re right,
I meant to say that I don’t have a graphical desktop.
I am running padd on boot from .bashrc

That’s a pretty cool application!

I tried to replicate the issue on my RPi3B+ having a normal monitor attached via HDMI. But even after 40 minutes uptime, the screen did not go blank.

can you try to connect a normal screen (I guess you have a waveshare attached) to see how it behaving?

I was wondering if there is any OS/kernel-wise powersave/blanking mechanism as I only know about one through X server and of course the display itself may have one. However, in case of a little LCD I would have expected none as this is usually used to show something permanently without user input, compared to a larger monitor.

However did some search and found: (no HTTPS, really? :open_mouth:)
So please try to add consoleblank=0 to the end of the line in /boot/cmdline.txt.

Cmdline.txt in /boot/ didn’t exist, so I created one though I feel like this is not going to solve the issue.

Here’s what’s inside:   FSCK0002.REC          config-3.16.85+        dietpi-LICENSE.txt   dietpi.txt             uInitrd
 FSCK0000.REC                  Image                        boot.ini              dietpi            initrd.img-3.16.85+    uInitrd-3.16.85+
 FSCK0001.REC                 'System Volume Information'   cmdlinfe.txt          dietpi-CHANGELOG.txt   dietpi-wifi.txt      meson64_odroidc2.dtb   vmlinuz-3.16.85+

Edit: I am on odroid c2, not sure if that makes a difference because what you linked is talking about rpi
Edit2: I found this but boot.ini didn’t have suspend_hdmiphy

Ah sorry I did erroneously assume it’s an RPi. On Odroid C2 add it to /boot/boot.ini setenv bootargs line into the double quotes. The cmdline.txt can be removed, as it is only effective on RPi.

That seems to have to the trick, thank!