Running DietPi on an HDD/SSD/SATA Drive

I found a post from a year ago and added the following as a comment to that post…but I want to create a second one just in case someone runs into the linuxy brick wall that I did when trying to get the DietPi installed onto, Let’s say, a crappy old laptop with an internal had drive.

You will need to remove the hard drive from the laptop…or desktop. Then stick it in your PC as an extra drive. You will then want to format it as NTFS (I guess you could go exFAT…but why though?).

I downloaded Etcher, just like the instruction for DietPi say to use. But in the settings for Etcher is “Unsafe Mode”. I checked that box, and continued with writing the image to the proper drive. The drives when selecting the destination will be listed with their IDs, not their volume letter. So something like MK12313UTC rather than (F:). You will want to make sure you are selecting the right drive to “etch” to, so look in device manager, under disk drives, and go to the properties of the drive you suspect is (F:)…for example. If you go to the volumes tab, and click “populate”, the drive you were looking at will then show it’s volume letter. So Let’s say that it was the MK12313UTC I mentioned. You will then just make sure you “etch” to that drive. As soon as it was finished I do suggest shutting down and extracting the drive. Windows doesn’t technically like having 2 boot drives. Just to be safe, however, it’s probably fine.

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