Running dietpi (and wordpress) from external SSD

I just bought a SSD drive and attached it to my Raspberry 3b. Had some struggle with it before it actually worked.

Now I want to remove the SD-card from the PI and run everything DietPi from the SSD. How/what do I need to do? The drive is already mounted and the swap file and userdate is on it.

best would be to flash DietPi directly on the SSD. Maybe this could help

Thanks. Will check this out, and report back if the need is there

Unfortunately, that is for a RPi 4 and not for 3b. Going to look further.

Well migration your system to SSD is exactly same. You just need to check if you are running a 3B or a 3B+. Depending on this USB mass storage boot would need to be enabled first. But nothing that couldn’t be managed

As DietPi is a RPi OS all can be done on current installation.

BTW: For RPi3B (non plus) USB boot could be enabled as follow

/boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_hardware rpi3_usb_boot enable