Run Raspi with SSD


I want to boot my Raspi from an SSD drive.
My Raspi is a 3B v2.0. Will the USB port offer enough power to support a SanDisk SSD (+5.0 VDC, 1.0A)?

Thanks in advance,

Theoretically yes, with max USB current enabled. All USB ports together then share a max of 1.2A. If the SSD + case never requires more then 1A, it can work. However I would never rely on that. Minimal variations in voltage or consumption can mean connection loss, data corruption, unbootable system.

Hence always use dedicated power supplies for external 2,5" drives on SBCs!

Thanks for your reply.
What do you mean with “max USB current enabled”?

RPi has a setting to raise the maximal shared USB current from 0.6A to 1.2A. You con toggle this either directly via /DietPi/config.txt or dietpi-config > Advanced or Performance Options (currently not sure where we put it :wink: ).