Run off HDD

I like the idea of DietPi (and I have a couple of Orange Pis running it) but I want to run the install off an HDD. Not just user data - the whole thing (and preferably use an old 256Mb SD Card for the boot stuff).

Seems I cannot which is a shame. Oh and BTW, when I ask it not to move user data to the HDD, I really meant it (but it seemed to do it anyway).

I have used in the past and that ran like a charm. Perhaps a combination of the 2? Net install DietPi to an HDD? This sadly does not seem current enough for me so back to Raspbian Lite and a manual move to the HDD.

You can do this and I have done so on a Banana Pi and Orange Pi Zero.

Look here:

But that is not with DietPi as the base though is it? I know I can, and have done, but I’d like to do it with DietPi as the base image.

Yes this is with DietPi - the Orange/Banana version of DietPi is Armbian based so these instructions are good.