rtorrent/rutorrent: directory permissions


I currently have DietPi installed on my ODROID XU4 without any issues. Very impressed. However, I’m scratching my head as to how I can properly configure the download directory through the rtorrent config file. DietPi is installed on the microSD card, but I want the download directory for rtorrent to be pointed to an external drive.

I can load the .rtorrent.rc file no problem:

sudo nano "$HOME"/.rtorrent.rc

What I’ve done so far:

  1. I’ve mounted (and formatted) the drive through dietpi-drive_manager. The drive can be used successfully over samba.
  2. 've edited the .rtorrent.rc file, saved the config, and rebooted the machine.

Partial .rtorrent.rc config:

directory = ./mnt/{drive-UUID}/downloads

I’m guessing this is a folder permissions error, as when I’m reloading the rutorrent webpage, I’m still seeing 29GB total space (microSD card) when I should be seeing over 120GB total space (external drive).

What code should I be writing in the SSH terminal to allow for rtorrent/rutorrent to get read/write access to the 120GB drive?


when read the documentation:

DietPi-Software | User Data

DietPi-Drive Manager

Sorry, the soulution is to simple?
Read documentation (at least the pinned threads) or or use search button of the Forum?


I have accessed dietpi-drive_manager on multiple occasions, and can see the thumb drive I want to use. That’s not the problem.

(Yes, I’ve checked: it’s not in read-only mode.)

The problem I have is that rtorrent doesn’t want to use that drive.

Right now, rtorrent is using the default directory for a save location, which I don’t want.

So, to re-state:

.rtorrent.rc config:

directory = ./mnt/{drive-UUID}/downloads

…and rtorrent is NOT using that folder. I’ve read the documentation, and can’t find a clear answer as to what user group to add/create/modify in order to allow access to that directory for read/write/execute access for the rtorrent/rutorrent installation.

When searching the forum for guidance, using the search term “rtorrent” or “rutorrent” doesn’t give any relevant results for changing the download directory.

As as a side note, I find it interesting that it is strongly suggested to use an external drive with rtorrent/rutorrent, but no clear steps on how to proceed with such an option. Yes, the documentation is clear on installing the software, mounting drives, but finer details (like modifying the .rtorrent.rc) are partially there, or left as an adventure to the reader.