Rtorrent and Sickrage

Everything I am trying does not work with getting Rtorrent to sync up with Sickrage. I have tried my Pi IP address, the address its suggested, even Googled and tried to find an answer. Nothing will work. Any suggestions? I always get “Error: Unable to connect to rTorrent” whenever I tell it to test.


Which device are you running? i’ll try to replicate.

Raspberry Pi 3.

Deluge works nicely with SickRage/DietPi as does Transmission.

Yes I tried Transmission and it was working as it should for me. Still not sure why ruTorrent is not working but Transmission is.


Reason I am still trying toget ruTorrent working is I was not happy with Transmission, I want to be able to setup labels and such and it did not seem I could do that on Transmission. I have used ruTorrent in the past.