Rpi4 - Kodi can't load GUI

Hi all,

Have been trying to get a DietPi install working on my Rpi4 for about a week now. Initially Kodi was not installable at all, but this appears to have been resolved in the last few day with the addition of the Kodi Raspian Buster repo.

I have reflashed my MicroSD card with the latest release of DietPi and installed nothing except Kodi, LXDE, and Transmission. However, Kodi still fails to load. I get the error “Can’t Create GUI” on boot and when I try to manually run Kodi.

I’ve checked that enough video memory as been assigned (using the 320mb “Kodi” setting). Not really sure what else to try.

Figured out the answer - Display Resolution must be set to vc4-fkms-v3d.

Jep, Kodi 18 with RPi GPU support was just added to the repo some week ago. It is not correctly handled by DietPi-Software and vc4-fkms-v3d driver enabled automatically on RPi4, which is indeed required there. The old VC4 video core with legacy non-GL driver is not present on RPi4.