RPi3B boot loop on start-up

Sorry if this post is redundant…I read all your faqs and searched in vain for info here and on github and I found no help. When I try to boot V6, it just asks for login and when I do, it goes through all the updating and then reboots and asks me to login again. After about the 4th go-round, I gave up. Way back I had an old version running on this machine but no luck now.

I’ve found that if I have a USB hub plugged in to my RPI3b I get a boot loop on console. If I plug it in after already booting up, then it hard-reboots back into the boot loop. Trying to enable a USB soundcard in the config fails (without it plugged in).

Interesting…I will try that. Seems counterintuitive but what do I know :smiley:

Plugged the uSD into a zero with nothing but ethernet-usb adapter logged in via ssh, and it is going great guns, dietpi-config, installing software and all that stuff. Counterintuitive or not, it worked. :open_mouth: