rpi3 - ffmpeg dev libraries broken dependencies

i’m trying to compile Attract Mode front end on my rpi3 using the jessie image of dietpi.
but most of the libav dev libraries have broken dependencies and i’m kind of dead in the water.
Is this a diet-pi specific issue or a jessie issue?



I replied to your RPi forum post: DietPi | Minimal Raspbian. Optional "ready to run" software - Page 24 - Raspberry Pi Forums

Hi, I actually figured it out today.
Other broken dependencies cropped up.
I grabbed another SD card and re-wrote the image and all is well.
something got corrupted somewhere.

Yep i had similar issues on the RPi 2/3.

Not sure if this is related, I’ve updated the installation code for FFmpeg, did a test install and everything went ok. This is available in the v115 update.

I thought ffmpeg was gone from jessie.

I’m actually in the process of compiling ffmpeg on my rpi3 with hardware acceleration.
now THAT would be a useful addition to the repository.

Yep, ffmpeg is not available from the Raspbian repo and Jessie. During installation on DietPi, we add the Debian Multimedia repo to install ffmpeg, then remove the repo after its complete.

Looks like ffmpeg is comming back again in Sid: Debian -- Details of package ffmpeg in sid