RPi WiFi Repeater issues

Hi, pretty new here!

I used this tutorial to make my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B an WiFi Extender/Repeater, with some changes i was able to have an WiFi extender with it using latest version of DietPi, but i ran in some issues:

Using the D-Link DWA-132 Wifi Dongle serving as Access Point (wlan1), working as intended, but after a while (around 1-2 hours), somehow DietPi brings the dongle’s interface down and the internet fails entirely, and i have to access manually to my Pi board, set the interface up again, reset dnsmasq and hostapd, and reload the iptables scripts via iptables-restore again to work it properly.

When this occurs, typing the command “ip a” i saw the WiFi dongle interface (wlan1) is either: DOWN or LOWER_UP, i assume DietPi’s Power Management has something to do, there’s an way to don’t let the kernel bring the interface down?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the onboard WiFi works always, the internet connection of my router never goes down, only the dongle, both interfaces (wlan0 and wlan1) has the setting: wireless-power off in /etc/network/interfaces