Rock64 new image


I’ve installed the latest image (2019-02-02) on a Rock64 4GB and couldn’t get it to work as smooth as my previous setup (DietPi_v6.7_Rock64-ARMv8-Stretch.img updated as per

  • Samba performance is a lot lower, from 50-60 MB/s with “old” image to max 12 MB/s with latest image

  • I use installed on /opt and after rebooting it stops working because mount becomes read-only (I’m not an expert and didn’t have time to investigate/fix)

There were some scripts like and that I didn’t find anymore.
Re-installing old image DietPi_v6.7_Rock64-ARMv8-Stretch.img (I think there was some other updates later but that’s the one I have) and restoring a backup brought everything back to normal.

Not sure if there’s something missing on the latest image or someone else facing similar issues.

Hmm the new image is based on ARMbian, while the old was from Ayufan. Actually the new one should provide newer kernel and such, which was the reason why Fourdee switched it.

Is the performance with the old image directly better or do you need to run and/or
If so what do those scripts do, could you paste the content here?

Yes with the old image I usually need to run after startup (using
It performs some sort of IRQ affinity tweaks, content is here and you find many other scripts there as well.

I also run the script on the new image but got some errors and no performance improvements, didn’t have time to investigate further so re-installed previous image and everything got back to good performance.

Thanks for taking a look if you have the time.

Thanks for linking this. Most interesting is that the script according to comments at the top is derived from the ARMbian forum.

The script accesses specific firmware/kernel API files, so possible that with newer kernel version some changed. If you find time, could you copy&paste the error messages here? Ah most likely not if you have the old image in place again :wink:.

Some of the tweaks are obsolete on DietPi, but especially the IRQ affinities are interesting. Will open an issue on GitHub for investigation:

I would be willing to test the new image again and get a more detailed report of issues and eventually try to overcome them.
But need to find the time to play with it, right now system is super stable and performing well with “old” image (only trouble is upgrading kernel manually but not getting updated that often anymore).

Thanks for considering. Sadly I have no own Rock64 board here.

Jep the “stuck” kernel version is actually one of the reasons we switched to ARMbian :wink:.