RetroPie on Odroid XU4

I’d like to install RetroPie over DietPi on a Odroid XU4, the problem is, there is this famous missing package mali-fbdev which RetroPie requires to install correctly. I’ve created a dummy package to cheat on APT so RetroArch and EmulationStation get compiled, but apparently EmulationStation runs only under Xorg and I can’t get any framebuffer support of any sort, for this reason I think I can’t get any emulator to work either, neither RetroArch which gives a sigsegv on launch.

Is there a way to make RetroPie run on the framebuffer using DietPi on the XU4? The RetroPie official installation tutorial uses an old Ubuntu image provided by HardKernel, but I’d like to use DietPi for a more up to date experience.

Hmm, on Odroid XU4 we (dietpi-software) by default install a specific Mali driver and armsoc DDX, which uses DRM/KMS instead of the framebuffer. If an fbdev package was missing, then you’d at least need the fbdev DDX and configure X11 to use it.

But, I had a look into Meverics repository, and it contains Odroid-specific packages for RetroArch and EmulationStation. Can you try those:

apt install retroarch-odroid emulationstation-odroid