[Resolved] [rpi4 v8 7.6] dietpi-backup not excluding /mnt/

dietpi-backup wants to include the mounted drive.

Fixing was quick, modify /boot/dietpi/.dietpi-backup_inc_exc or select Filters in dietpi-backup menu and remove the asterisk.

+ /mnt/dietpi_userdata/
- /mnt/
- /media/

This should not be the issue. I have the original setting and only backs up the dietpi_userdata/ from all mounted drives in /mnt

With the asterisk, the /mnt directory itself is copied, but no content, aside of userdata. Without the asterisk, the directory itself is not synced either and also not traversed, so that userdata is skipped as well and the first include hence rendered ineffective. At least this is how it worked when I tested it the last time.