(resolved) Owncloud to install latest 8.1.1

When using either dietpi-software or apt-get to install owncloud, it installs version 4.0.4 instead of 8.1.1.

Server version 4.0.4 is not compatible with the latest desktop client.

running “apt-cache policy owncloud” gives Candidate: 4.0.4debian2-3.3

Hi Acriax,

Yep, DietPi is designed to use the official and current apt-get repos (where possible) for stability more than anything.

I’ll take a look at the latest stable version of Owncloud and try to get it implemented into dietpi-software.

DietPi v90 will now install Owncloud 8.1.1

When v90 is released, you will need to reinstall owncloud:

/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-uninstall OWNCLOUD

Then use dietpi-software and reselect Owncloud for install:


Good to hear, awesome work!