(resolved) Owncloud data filepath

I have installed owncloud in the dietpi, and I try to save some files in the dietpi for testing. However, I see the files save in /var/www/owncloud/data/*
My USB drive path is /mnt/usb_1, which I mount it during the dietpi initial setup.
Do I need to manually change the owncloud configuration in order to save the files in the usb drive?

A symlink is created during the DietPi installation of Owncloud. This automatically points /var/www/owncloud/data to:
USB Drive install = /mnt/usb_1/owncloud
Non-USB drive install = /owncloud

If you run the following, you should see owncloud data files on your USB drive:

ls -lha /mnt/usb_1/owncloud

thx. got it.
I got mess up on the data folder path during the setup. Now it is fixed.

No worries, great to hear its all sorted :slight_smile: