(resolved) FTP Client does not connect.


I was trying to setup sync via the dietpi-config > tools > DietPi-sync.
I wanted to use the FTP client to backup my files to an offsite server, it connected just fine but, dietpi-config keeps telling that login details are incorrect or it’s unable to connect.

Video: https://share.pilovali.nl/2015-10-08_08-50-29.mp4
Bug reference ID: b827ebac3bcd-1


Good find!

Appears CurlFTPS does not support the new “nofail” entry in /etc/fstab.

It fails to also mount as theres a new /etc/fstab entry we need to use “nonempty”. DietPi generates a /mnt/ftp_client/readme.txt file for desktop users. “nonempty” entry didnt exist in wheezy.

Edit the /etc/fstab file and change “nofail” to “nonempty” under the curlftps entry. then mount -a. Check mount is there with df -h

I’ll also patch for next release.

Issue resolved with DietPi v95.