Request: integrated shutdown timer

Would like to have the option of installing an shutdown timer - the easy “dietpi-way” :slight_smile:

Has this been seen or is it an absolute no-go?


Actually the shutdown commands had a timer function:

But it requires dbus and logind to work:

systemctl unmask systemd-logind
apt update
apt install libpam-systemd


I don`t think that this will be realised shortly.

Anyway it’s not that complicated. First you would need to install dbus package

apt-get install dbus

and unmask the the following service

systemctl unmask systemd-logind.service

Scheduling a shutdown run the command:

sudo shutdown -P 60

That will wait 60 mins before starting the shutdown sequence.

You could do as well

sudo shutdown -P 1:00

to shutdown at 1 AM and

sudo shutdown -P now

to shutdown now.

A message is broadcast to all terminals to warn about the shutdown.

Cancel a pending shutdown, if the time argument is not “+0” or “now”, you can use:

sudo shutdown -c

ahh shit I’m way to slow MichaIng
But I used dbus and not libpam-systemd. Does that make any differences?

libpam-systemd pulls dbus as dependency. I was not sure if dbus is sufficient or systemd-logind (libpam-systemd for full support) required. At least for non-root calls the later is required from what I found.