REQUEST: Freenet

Another chuffing Java app (what is with Java? [I’m being rhetorical])

But in light of Snowden, I think we all need to start taking better care of our online privacy (See also my post about YaCy). Google and others are essentially honeypots for the US government - hell, I’d be amazed if the CIA wasn’t part funding them - hence systems like Freenet are useful to keep stuff between friends.

I like to be a law abiding citizen but the US is so bloody paranoid (and who can blame them with their policies…) Check out the couple who were refused entry to the USA because they tweeted (I quote from memory here) “We’re going to destroy the USA”. As a Brit, that means something entirely different - a bit like Fanny (their word for bottom or arse) and Fag (which we use for a cigarette - filthy habit). These are trigger happy people I want nothing to do with and I wish I didn’t have to share a planet with them.

I want to get back to the days where the Internet was small and on the whole, still owned by people like you and me. We’ll never get it back now, but there’s no reason we should live in a world where our every thought and act is monitored and questioned.

George Orwell must be spinning so fast he’s probably going to tunnel his way to China.