REQ: DietPi-Cloudshell for 7" Screen

Hi :smiley:

First thanks for a fantastic script :smiley: … Keep up the good work :sunglasses:

I have a raspberry pi 3 (B Model), and I did buy a 7" touchscreen for it, but the DietPi-Cloudshell it’s not optimised for the 7" touchscreen (Its the RPI model)

DietPi-Cloudshell only fills the 1/3 of the screen…

Can you optimise the script so I fill the hole screen? Or give me a guide to fix this???


EDIT # 1 I did try to set The resolution is 800 x 480 (PI Touchscreen) - Dont work :frowning:

Is that a fix…your edit below?

I have edited the first post.

I did try to edit screen size to right one (PI Touchscreen)

But the image look like this:

Cloudshell is coded to print a specific number of characters and lines. Other than changing the font size, we lack the ability to in Bash to have a “true” scaling system.

Two methods to fill screen:

Ok :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply…

I will try to do it by your instructions :slight_smile: