Hi there!

May I suggest Redmine to be added to dietpi-software? I have been trying to get Redmine running for a while now, but keep running into errors. By the way, great job with dietpi :wink:

Hi PiiTan,

Just checking i’am Googling the same thing.

Is this the program you are requesting?

Yes, that’s the Redmine I’m referring to.

There are Docker images and Bitnami installer for it, but unfortunately these binaries are for x86. Redmine would be great to have on SBCs for smaller teams to collaborate.


Excellent. Heres the Git Ticket: Will take a look when I can.

Someone made a good writeup for the installation process:

Curious how the performance is going to be, for a small team this could work I guess.

Thanks Thof, i’ve added those references to the git ticket. Will come in handy :slight_smile: