Recreate .service file?


I wanted to install WireGuard as a service using ‘systemctl enable wg-quick@wg0’. Afterwards I started dietpi-services because I wanted to control it by dietpi. Adding the service there failed because wg-quick@wg0 was not found as service. Then I found a folder called ‘wg-quick@’, so I tried adding that as service in dietpi and it first seems to work. But the service hasn’t shown a state, I couldn’t start or stop it. So I decided to start over and deleted the .service file of wireguard. After reinstalling wireguard the .service file sadly still is missing.

Is there any way to create a new service file using dietpi?

Edit: After a fresh install it seems that the service file is there again. But ‘dietpi-services’ still shows an entry for ‘wg-quick@’. How can I remove this entry? And why can’t I add wg-quick@wg0?

Edit 2: It seems that dietpi-services cannot handle wg-quick@*, at least this is witten in the dietpi-services script. So the last issue is: How to remove this invalid entry from dietpi-services. Thank you!


many thanks for your request. you can have a look to following file and check if you can find it there

nano /boot/dietpi/.dietpi-services_include_exclude