RealVNC - Need Viewer to use Resolution settings from dietpi-config

Hello again guys,

I need to ask this to get a definite answer.

I’ve been tinkering my Pi for a bit and found out why RealVNC was not working because ng microSD was bad. The reason why it was not installing before.

Now that I have installed RealVNC, I can now view it locally. The problem is I forgot or have not recall a setup to make VNC viewer use the Pi’s resolution. VNC works, but will have a resolution of its own. I found out about it when I used my wall paper and it has black boarder on the side. The taskbar was in full length though.

There must be a setting I can modify to let the viewer use the resolution to view the remote desktop correctly. I set my remote pi to “1024 X 768”, how ever when viewed on VNC it appears 16:9 resolution with boarders.

If you have an answer guys, please let my know how.

There are some settings inside /boot/dietpi.txt for VNC server

root@DietPi4:~# cat /boot/dietpi.txt | grep VNC
# VNC Server


Thanks again for helping me. It worked

perfect that it was working this way.

Wishing you a happy new year 2022.