Raw services or in containers?

Hi! I’ve been using my pi4 with diet-pi for a while now and I mostly use it for:

  • plex;
  • pihole;
  • sonarr, radarr, NzbGet;
  • homebridge;
  • vpn;

And some other minor services every now and then. They’re all running purely and directly on the diet-pi image and I’ve been wondering what advantages would I have on using each service on its docket container. Will I gain any benefit?

Thank you!

Not really as your system need to deal with the overhead of the Docker runtime. As well Docker will become a single point of failure. Because if Docker fails to start, all your services will be offline at once. If there is no specific need, you are fine to run your apps natively without Docker.

Thank you, that’s what I thought. However, I’ve been wondering what would be a reliable way to backup my services (for example, if i need to replace/format my OS without losing service states).

Also, sometimes my dietpi freezes and I lose access to all my services which is terrible. For example, right now, I’m out of my hometown and I lose access to plex and my services because some point of failure which I’m yet to discover what is causing it — opened a thread regarding this here

well if your system if freezing with current service, same might happen with Docker as it im impacted by same issue than.