Ravencoin framework on top of Dietpi - Creating updates

Good Evening wonderful DietPi Developers!
I can’t express enough at how much Incredible work you’ve done with the DietPi Distro!
I have been working on a https://ravencoin.org/ Ravencoin framework for about 4 months before I saw your new Update last month.
I was working upon a customized rpi image, and Lubuntu VM for windows.
So, you can imagine how excited I was, when you solved this issue for me: Conformity across all the different hardware platforms!
Ravencoin #Ravenites really do need an easy to use Framework for the core services, which is the Ravencoin Node and an IPFS Server.

I have the Framework here, for anyone to look at: https://ravencoinhelper.com/download/

Onto my question: What would be the best route to create Updates for the Dietpi framework?
I’ve tried to keep everything “as is”, except a few things, such as IPFS (sorry, couldn’t get it to work while using it), so had to install it manually.

I would like to know what would be the best way to make Updates for this specific Customized Distro of Dietpi?
Do I use Apt, and get them to download that way?
or does DietPi have something unique that i can use?
My ultimate goal will be to have a Github, with all the scripts, customizations, extra apps, able to be updated, beyond DietPi.

has anyone considered adding MediaWiki package?

Thank you for your time!

DietPi is using Debian (for the ARMv6 image Raspbian respectively) as underlying APT distro, so yes, apt is available and should be used for regular package upgrade. For the DietPi scripts themselves, run dietpi-update, which implies an APT upgrade as well before the scripts are updated from GitHub.

Thank you. I suspected that was the case: to use an apt package, but i wasn’t sure if dietpi had created some kind of package management for this distro or not.

At the end, DietPi is not an own OS. It’s a set of bash script on top of a Debian base image. Depending on SBC, VM or computer, we use plain Debian, Armbian or Raspberry OS. Means we use the respective apt repositories. Our own scripts are located on GitHub and need to be updated individually as described by MichaIng above.

People helping People build and improve the world! namaste!
Thank you for your efforts!

We have some APT packages die selected software titles and plan to add an own APT repository some time in the future to ship those and potentially DietPi scripts as well, but currently there are more urgent tasks on the roadmap.

Thanks for your kind feedback :slight_smile:.