Raspberry pi 4 randomly crashes

Hello everyone.
I am quite happy with my setup with dietpi, which is :
Rasperry pi 4 (4GB RAM)
Dietpi on SD card
External 2,5" 4TB hard drive on USB3

I use it mainly as a NAS server (with Samba) for my Plex media Server (which is on my Nvidia SHIELD). Deluge, sonarr, jackett, wireguard are installed.

My only problem is that my Raspberry pi sometimes crashes, i can’t access it via Putty, and i have to unplug and plug it back manually.
It happens randomly, sometimes only once a week, sometimes several times a day. I tried connecting my Hard drive to a powered hub, but it still happens. I haven’t found anything relevant in the log as far as i know, but maybe i should use the classic log for this as the whole system crashes?

Any ideas about where the probleme might be?

Thanks for the help

If it is not overheating, I would also check the power supply as well. Buy yourself a quality one and monitor the device if it freezes.

Thanks for the reply
I have the official Raspberry Pi 5V 3A supply, it seems to work well although the USB-c port seems a little loose. But the LEDs are still lit After it crashes
The temp is cool everytime i check, around 40⁰C. It can go up to 65⁰ if i transfér arge files via Samba. But it has never crashed during those transfer or when i watch something on Plex

I will try to activite the classic logs ans post these here


You can switch to FULL log mode inside dietpi-software

Well, i haven’t had any crashes since my post, maybe it’s thanks to the last apt-upgrade i did… Anyway thanks for the answers, i will post the full logs if it happens again!

at least some good news. Probably your SBC knows we are watching it now :slight_smile: