Raspberry pi 3 & dietpi crashing

My raspberry pi 3 keep crashing (once a day). It only has Kodi and NZBGet running, so not a lot of heavy apps :smiley:
Is there an error log anywhere I can check?
Below, the last thing on screen. Some time, the screen is black… :neutral_face:


First thing is to ensure you have an adequate power supply - 2.0 amp or better, and if using a phone charger, a decent cable . I you have this then try again with a different SD card.

I have the official raspberry pi power supply so I guess it should be OK (but sometime I have the red/yellow square on the screen top right corner). I will try with a different card, can I just clone the actual SD card and burn it on another?


Kernel 4.1.19 indicates old image/installation. 4.4.21> is current in apt-get upgrade


How long has this installation and RPi been active, and, any known power cuts in your area?

It’s been active for at least a few months, I don’t know precisely. And no power cut. It’s also up to date :slight_smile:

I checked on another dietpi running with kernel 4.1.14-v7+, so I guess I will have to update boths kernels :smiley:

If the square looks like this: Odd constant square in upper right of screen... - Raspberry Pi Forums then it would be a power issue.

If the square is solid Yellow or Red, it indicates the ARM temperature is around 80’c and the ARM is being throttled down to prevent damage. RPi 3 suffers with this, solution is a heatsink or case-sink: RPi 3 Heatsink + Case combo (55'c MAX) - Raspberry Pi Forums

Thanks, I fixed my problem by installing a fresh dietpi on another SD card, and I moved my downloads folder on an additional sd card :slight_smile:
It’s working so far… fingers crossed :wink: