random segmentation faults

I have a new install of diet pi (armv7 32-bit) on my new rpi 3 b+.
During install I ran into the following error:

[FAILED] File does not exist or cannot be written to by current user  
Please verify the existence of the file $3
Retry with proper permissions or apply the setting manually:

After I hit OK, it put me into the dietpi-software application where I just moved forward.
I installed three programs via dietpi (pihole, unbound, wireguard). This seemed to go ok, however upon restarting, I noticed pihole would not start. I narrowed it down to an issue ‘dig’. If I tried running it, it would give ‘segmentation fault’. I tried uninstalling pihole and unbound then reinstalling one at a time, pihole first then unbound and then the issue seemed to go away.

I decided to look at ‘iptables’ to see how the firewall is configured. As soon as I run ‘iptables’, I get ‘segmentation fault’. I believe wireguard installed iptables so I do the same thing. Uninstall wireguard, then reinstall and now the problem as gone away.

This doesnt really give me much confidence in the rest of the files on my system

as discussed on GitHub https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/5090
there seems to be a power issue with your system leading to data corruption.

Hi Joulinar and MichaIng

Having exactly the same error after a clean fresh install on a Rockpro64 NAS with the current download version

It comes right after the question to change the root and dietpi passwords


How to go further that the logins and passwords are saved?

the message about the missing /boot/dietpi/.installed has nothing to do with the original issue. Usually you should be able to continue installation on this stage.

In meantime all our images has been recreated to bypass the issue


thx, just installed the build from 2021-12-18:


Didn’t get the errot anymore…

the segfaults were due to a power issue.

I did a new clean install (since I didn’t know how many files were corrupted) and still get the ‘/boot/dietpi/.installed’ error.
It drops me into the dietpi-software page. I’m not sure what else needs to be done to “continue” the install. I tried to go through the menus to make sure everything is covered. I think the error showed up again on one of the other menus too.

I just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

you need to download the new image from our web site.

OK, I thought it was possible to “continue” the install for that point. I just want to know what manual steps are required so I can ensure I followed them.

However, if the install is now “tainted” and I have to wipe out and start over, I suppose I can do that too

following should create an empty file that should help to bypass the issue

>> /boot/dietpi/.installed

You said " Usually you should be able to continue installation on this stage." What does this mean? what steps does one need to take to “continue” the installation?

Just to clarify from my last post. Using the old image, I performed the install. After getting the error message, it left me in the dietpi-software menu. Not being sure what to do at this point, I went through the menus and installed software and continued to setup everything and configure my system.

At this point, what do I need to do? just create the ‘.installed’ file? do I need to do something after creating the file?

Or, is it not possible to “continue” the installation. Do I have to wipe everything, and use the new image and start over?

just continue. If there will be an issue you will be notified.

The missing /boot/dietpi/.installed is a visual error only but has zero effect on the result of the first run install, so no need to flash the new image only for this. But I recreated all our images to have this fixed as well :slight_smile:.

OK, good to know. It seemed like the error “interrupts” the install process, so I just wasn’t sure if any steps were “missed”