Question on Autosetup


I try to intall my dietpi raspi headless. So I configured everything properly in dietpi.txt.
Following issues:

  1. the password set in dietpi.txt does not work - so I cannot login since I do not know the password which allows me to enter my raspi.

  2. how do I know when the installation has finished?

  3. If i want to change anything after the first boot how can I get the raspi back in the state where the dietpi.txt will be processed again?

    Thanks in advance,


      1. You try to access via SSH right? You set AUTO_SETUP_AUTOMATED=1 and your password to AUTO_SETUP_GLOBAL_PASSWORD=? Indeed the automated first run setup can take a while on smaller SBCs, you should be able to see the drive access LED stop blinking, when it’s done. With AUTO_SETUP_AUTOMATED=1 the new password should have been applied during setup phase to the users “root” and “dietpi”, if this was not set, then both users have still the password “dietpi” and you will see a prompt to change this, when you login the first time.
  1. (Nearly) Every setting within dietpi.txt can be as well changed afterwards. Just use dietpi-software and dietpi-config. ownCloud/Nextcloud custom user name and data directory, as well developer settings (git owner/branch) are the only once that you still need to change via dietpi.txt, AFAIK.

Regarding 3): When I modify the dietpi.txt and boot my raspi for the first time, the auto setup will be processed.
The question is not how to modify the values on a running system but much more how to I can bring the system back into the state that it thinks it is a first time boot so that the (modified) dietpi.txt will be processed again.

It should be possible to do echo ‘-1’ > /DietPi/dietpi/.install_stage and reboot. But never tested it :thinking:.