[Question] dietpi.net


Why don’t you use dietpi.net for everything about DietPi? It now redirects to dietpi.com.


Initially, dietpi.net was running on a free hosting package . It lasted 2 weeks before we hit their “CPU usage limit” for a single html page. So i had to redirect dietpi.net back to my home webserver (which dietpi.com is running on).

It then turned out that the free GoDaddy redirect of dietpi.net didnt work 50% of the time, so, ended up having to purchase another NoIp Plus managed DNS package just for a redirect to my other NoIp Plus managed DNS (dietpi.com).

I do not have the funding to purchase webhosting at this time. My ISP provider does not supply static IP’s either. But hey, at least the websites are working, all be it, without masked redirect. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much your website uses (CPU and network traffic), but I got a VPS in Amsterdam, currently used to host some websites. If you are interested, let me know.
I could also buy a cheap Linux VPS.

Whilst i truly appreciate your offer to allow us to use your VPS, its very kind of you, i would need full access to the server/cpanel.
I wouldn’t be comfortable with you giving me that access, unless there is a way to lock out your other websites and jail me into dietpi.net.

Here is the current server stats for both dietpi.com and dietpi.net:

               Apache Server Status for localhost (via

   Server Version: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)
   Server MPM: prefork
   Server Built: Aug 28 2015 16:28:08

   Current Time: Sunday, 11-Oct-2015 15:33:10 BST
   Restart Time: Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 18:39:45 BST
   Parent Server Config. Generation: 1
   Parent Server MPM Generation: 0
   Server uptime: 10 days 20 hours 53 minutes 25 seconds
   Server load: 0.00 0.01 0.05
   Total accesses: 181585 - Total Traffic: 23.2 GB
   CPU Usage: u.4 s.58 cu0 cs0 - .000104% CPU load
   .193 requests/sec - 25.9 kB/second - 133.9 kB/request

Unique Daily visits (possibly 1/3 of this value due to [img] hosting for DietPi across the web):

It’s running Windows 2008R2 VPS, meaning it’s running IIS 7.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.1.22 (using an older version because newer versions are not compatible with the software I run) and FileZilla server for FTP/FTPS.
It’s a VPS from Vultr Amsterdam, they claim to have 100% SLA, I’m getting most times 99.9% uptime.

I got also a cheap Linux VPS in Frankfurt, it’s running Ubuntu Server 14.04 with VestaCP, uptime is improved a lot since I am customer there. They even have up to 500Gbps anti-DDoS.

Oh, and I also have a free VPS at DigitalOcean for a year. 1GB RAM, 1 core, 30GB SSD and 2TB traffic. I can just set one up and give you the root password. You are free to do whatever you want with it!

Feel free to choose.

With thanks to Pilovali, dietpi.net is now hosted on a VPS! :smiley: