Question after getting https on lighttpd

some easy procedure is working for Lighttpd as well as Nginx.

What would you recommend me to use? I understand people would say lighttpd because it doesn’t use as much system resources, but I’m not really maxing out my pi in any way. I just want whatever is easiest and best to use.

You can stay with Apache, no need to recvonfigure again if your system is working now.

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Quick question, if you check my site, it shows me the contents that are already there, the CSS has moved everything to the middle as it should, but the colour I’ve added doesn’t show for me when I type just but when I type I see the colour and the background of the title. tried it on my phone and without www it showed colour and the background. Is that supposed to happen? or is there something I need to configure?

without www

with www

never mind its changed now, im guessing it was delayed