Question about the new bullseye image for Odroid XU4

My xu4 final up and running new dietpi image and question is i don’t see Rootfs transfer option in dietpi-drive_manager anymore that means i cannot move rootfs to ssd to improve the speed ? or do i just move the dietpi userdata to ssd without rootfs ?

As for now this option is only shown when there is a dedicated boot partition. Else it is usually possible to flash the image to an external drive in the first place, but I already read that USB boot is not possible with Odroids, is it?

Usually moving DietPi userdata to an external drive should cover the most important performance and SD lifetime aspects.

Yes It’s not possible flash directly to external ssd , Tried install dietpi and nextcloud on my old razer blade 2017 and i was like wtf it’s so damn fast i can watch large video file without loading , i’m definitely going to buy a 10th or 12th gen intel nuc for upgrade and xu4 for backup server .