qBittorent checking files sometimes after reboot

Hi there, sometimes when I reboot my pi4 and qbittorrent starts up the torrents will sometimes seed automatically. However, most of the time they will check and sometimes fail. When I force recheck the torrents begin to seed again. The drive is mounted correctly. When I need to do the force recheck it completely hammers the cpu and takes hours and hours to finalise. Seems to be completely random.

It’s kind of getting annoying each time I need to reboot whether the torrents will be fine or not or take 12+ hours to complete rechecking. What do I need to do to fix it?

I am going to nuke my install and go back to a backup to see if it resolves anything.

maybe you can try to raise your question on a qBittorent specialised board. Maybe it’s some kind of setting :slight_smile: