[Q] How to display info pihole on pitft?

Hi all,

I have a Rpi2 running diet pi with Pi-Hole. And i have a PiTFT 2.8" connected to my pi. how do i get it to display the cloudshell stats on it?


Hi Beukhof,

Unfortunately i do not own any RPi screens using the display ribbon. So i’am unable to implement support for this into dietpi-cloudshell.
I believe it would just be a case of installing Xserver for the TFT screen, however, as I mentioned, unable to verify.

I believe the creator of Pi-hole (Jake) has his own software that will run Pi-hole stats on your PiTFT 2.8. Search for LCD Screen For Viewing In Real-time What Ads Are Being Blocked in this page http://jacobsalmela.com/block-millions-ads-network-wide-with-a-raspberry-pi-hole-2-0/