Proper procedure for updating software via Dietpi?

As software new becomes available via Dietpi what is the proper procedure for updating existing software?
This of course means preserving existing configuration and data during the upgrade procedure.

If the software does not have its own upgrade system (eg: nextcloud), currently, you’ll need to uninstall, then install via dietpi-software.
Configuration files (and their settings) will be lost and relevant SQL DB will be dropped. User data (such as music/video/downloads etc) are left alone.

We do have a reinstall feature, but its not been tested on all software yet.
So if you want to try this, backup system beforehand.
It will overwrite configs as needed. So any manual changes to those will be overwritten (eg: /etc/*)

Find software ID:

dietpi-software list

Reinstall software (HiFi example 32):

dietpi-software reinstall 32