Problems with new VirtualBox setup image


I’m trying to get the VirtualBox image working but I’m running into a problem.

After importing the .ova into virtual box and starting it it boots up to the login screen. Once I’ve logged in it halts at the following screen.

The network in virtualbox is set to bridged to my win 10 wifi card.

Can’t run dietpi-config as I get a message about setup has not progressed enough.

Any ideas.

yes because you don’t have a valid network connection or at least it seems you are unable to ping Cloudflare DNS server Are you able to ping from your W10 computer?

No problem pinging from win 10.

Pls make sure your VM gets a valid IP. Not sure what exactly the setting is on Virtual Box but you can configure it that way, tha your VM will have an own MAC address and it will get an own IP assigned from your local network.