Problem with v6.32.2

Hi guys, when I update to v6.32.2, I found that my temperature went wrong. It used to be wrong before v6.30 and fixed after this version. But it goes wrong this version again,(as below) So I came here to report this bug. My device is an intel NUC

 DietPi v6.32.2 : 09:13 
 - Device model : Native PC (x86_64)
 - CPU temp : -263200'C : -473728'F (Who put me in the freezer!)
 - LAN IP : (wlan0)

 DietPi Team     : MichaIng (lead), Daniel Knight (founder), Joulinar (support)
 Image           : DietPi Core Team (pre-image: Debian mini.iso)
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 Patreon Legends : Bryce
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By the way,I have another problem. I require a password when people use ‘sudo’ commond as non-root user,but now the situation is that when I ‘sudo’ as dietpi. it require no password.


many thanks for your message. The temperature issue should have been fixed on DietPi 6.29.

Let me reopen the issue for the developer.

The 2nd “problem” should be fine. Because user dietpi is allowed to use sudo command without password. The setting is done on configuration file /etc/sudoers.d/dietpi

root@DietPi3:~# cat /etc/sudoers.d/dietpi

Many thanks for reporting!

Yes indeed, applying some general coding quality standards broke the coretemp file path expansion in this case. I just fixed it:
In your /boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-globals you need to remove the double quotes around ${afp_temperature[@]} as in the commit, then reload the script:

. /boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-globals

Thanks for your reply!