Problem with smb Share

Hi there,
I bought new hardware for my Dietpi. Now I have a problem with a Samba Share. So far I have done Scan to Folder from a Kyocera MFP. Now with the newly installed Dietpi, the printer can no longer find the Samba Share. More precisely: the printer can no longer find the whole Dietpi. In the printer menu you can scan the network, and now the printer can no longer find the Dietpi. In Windows Explorer under network he can no longer find the Dietpi, that was supposed to work too. However, I can mount the Samba shares without any problems. The Dietpi is simply no longer found by the printer in the network. Does anyone have a tip on what could be the cause? I am using Dietpi version 7.7.3.

Sorry for my bad english…

Maybe you would need to install Avahi-Daemon to be able to broadcast the system

dietpi-software install 152

Thank you, unfortunately didn’t bring anything :frowning:

Did you restarted the system afterwards?

Yes i did