Problem with fan RPM

I just installed the argon neo 5 case on my raspberry pi5 (Very good by the way). But the fan only turns on at startup and then stops. Then it starts again at 47c and when it goes down to 46c etc it stops again. Is there any way to change this behavior?

Normally they come with a script which controles the threshold temperatures and rpm for the fan.
Unfortunatley there is nothing for the Neo 5 yet on their homepage:

Did you install anything via a script, my RPi 4 One case came with a script which installed a service argononed.service.

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this is how RPI guys configured default values for RPM Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi 5

However the values could be adjusted manually according RPi docs.

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Sorry for being so noobs. Could you explain to me better how it could be modified so that, for example, the fan is activated at 45c?

should be possible by adding respective parameter into /boot/config.txt. Support has been added with latest RPi5 kernel ARM: dts: bcm2712-rpi-5-b: Add fan speed dtparams · raspberrypi/linux@2c085a1 · GitHub

Some examples Forcing Pi 5 Fan Speed - Raspberry Pi Forums

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