Problem with dietpi-update/qbittorent

Hi, is the third time i do dietpi-update since orangepi was working, and every time i do it, qbittorrent stop works, i search it and isnt installed, i need to reinistall it and it works again. with the same config and torrents i have. any idea ?


Thanks for the report.

Strange, DietPi isn’t modifying your qBitTorrent installation during updates. Must be something else amiss. Did you reboot system after the dietpi-update?

Lets check RAMdisk, Please paste results:

cat /etc/dietpi/logs/dietpi-ramdisk.log


systemctl status qbittorrent

I do the restart that ask after installation, with reboot, and doesnt work, but now i need to reboot for other question, and qbittorrent works :S
On the next update i will screen all
Really strange :S